Town hall discussion

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Wednesday, 8 May, 13:30 – 15:30

The town hall discussion will be arranged in three parts: 2 separate panel discussions of ca. 40 min each and a shorter 10-15 min summary at the end.

Both town hall discussion parts are supported by panels of experts. Each panel member will give a 2 min introduction on the selected topics at the beginning, followed by a town hall discussion and Q&A with panel members. Each Panel session has 2 grouped sub-topics of 20 mins, each including intros.

Rapporteurs for the full town hall are Fraser Davidson and PN Vinayachandran, who will take notes and prepare the final summary based on some of the outcomes from the panel discussion. The summary discussion will be held by the three GOV co-chairs, which will also include an outlook of the Forum discussion on day 4, and how that is being supported by the town hall outcome.

Town Hall Panel 1   Room B3

Enablement and evolution of Ocean/Environmental Prediction and End-use

Facilitator/chair: Andreas Schiller, CSIRO

Panel members:
• Pierre Bahurel (Mercator Ocean international)
• Albert Fischer (IOC/UNESCO)
• Giovanni Coppini (CMCC)
• Genevieve Bechard (DFO)
• Shawn Allen (Wood PLC)

     1.1 Operational Oceanography and end users:

    • Establishing International Operational Oceanography Framework from observations to end users (value-chain)
    • Improving knowledge exchange, OceanPredict’s role in that group
    • Evolution of interface (software platforms, clouds) for value added end user applications

     1.2 International Research, Development, Operations coordination: standards

    • Coordination amongst various OO components
    • Affiliation of OceanPredict with WMO/IOC/JCOMM, GOOS


Town Hall Panel 2  Room B3

Evolution of Ocean Prediction in the next decade – needs and opportunities

Facilitator: Eric Chassignet

Panel members:
• Pierre-Yves Le Traon (Mercator Ocean International)
• Katy Hill (GCOS-GOOS, WMO)
• Katja Fennel (DAL)
• PN Vinayachandran (Indian Institute of Science)
• Jacques Verron (CNRS)

      2.1 Ocean observations and Operational Oceanography

    • Operational Oceanography and Ocean Observing System: links, dependencies and future requirements (incl. Argo)
    • Data assimilation / Ocean Observing / OSSES

      2.2 How best to support oceanographically evolution towards seamless prediction (R&D)

      a. Research areas/gaps to fill:

  • Air sea interface, upper ocean
  • New satellites SWOT, ocean surface satellites (SKIM, …)

      b. Development needs:

  • Common tools
  • Coupled data assimilation


Brief time table

13:30 – 14:30 Part 1 town hall
14:30 – 15:30 Part 2 town hall
15:30 – 15:40 Short introduction to day 4 (10 min max) – Co-chairs
15:40 – 17:00 Poster/ Booth session & coffee break


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