Symposium Sponsors

The OceanPredict '19 Symposium wouldn't be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners. A large portion of the conference costs are paid from sponsorships so that we can keep registration costs affordable. Please take a few minutes to learn about our sponsors and their support for our community!


Visionary Sponsor

MEOPAR is the Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network, a Canadian initiative aiming for improved capabilities for mitigating, adapting and responding to marine environmental risks on timescales from hours to decades (

Leader Sponsor

The Copernicus programme is a cornerstone of the European Union’s efforts to monitor the Earth and its many ecosystems, whilst ensuring that its citizens are prepared and protected in the face of crises and natural or man-made disasters. It consists of a complex set of systems which collect data from multiple sources: earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, airborne and sea-borne sensors. It processes these data and provides users with reliable and up-to-date information through a set of services related to environmental and security issues: marine, atmosphere, land, climate change, and emergency and security services. Mercator Ocean has been entrusted by the European Commission to implement and operate the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (also called “ Copernicus Marine Service”).(

Collaborator Sponsor

The Government of Canada is represented in GODAEOceanView by CONCEPTS, the Canadian Operational Network of Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems.

Builder Sponsor

The Met Office is a world leader in providing weather, ocean and climate services, and recognised as one of the world's most accurate forecasters. The advanced atmospheric model and a high performance supercomputer create 3,000 tailored forecasts and briefings a day, which delivered to a huge range of customers from the UK Government, to businesses, the general public, armed forces, and other organisations. (

The mission of the National Partnership for Ocean Prediction (NPOP) is to develop and promote marine products and services, with a focus on national and public benefit, and made up of made up of UK institutions delivering ocean prediction services and research in support of these services. (

Mentor Sponsor

EUMETSAT is a global operational satellite agency at the heart of Europe for gathering accurate and reliable satellite data on weather, climate and the environment around the clock, and to be delivered to their Member States, international partners, and users world-wide. (

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency. Research in CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere focuses on solutions that improve the sustainable use and management of Australia’s marine estate and atmospheric environment. CSIRO is uniquely placed to deliver new and improved scientific knowledge, information, products, and services that contribute significantly to Australia, the region, and the world. CSIRO has one of Australia’s largest research groups focused on understanding the drivers and impacts of climate change and variability. The Climate Science Centre provides the core of CSIRO’s capability in climate modelling and projections; and observations, analyses, modelling, and prediction of the oceans and climate system.(

The Bureau of Meteorology is the main provider of weather forecasts, warnings and observations to the Australian public. The Bureau distributes weather images and is responsible for issuing flood alerts in Australia. The Bureau's head office is in Melbourne Docklands, which includes the Bureau's Research Centre, the Bureau National Operations Centre, the National Climate Centre, the Victorian Regional Forecasting Centre as well as the Hydrology and Satellite sections. (

Sponsorship Information

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