Symposium objectives

  • Building a common picture of the future of Operational Oceanography
    • The symposium will allow to work with the ocean cummunity to develop a common understanding of the  current and future developments in all aspects of Operational Oceanography, related to observations, data management, prediction systems, evaluation systems, dissemination, end user needs. This includes the promotion of GODAE OceanView (GOV) forecasting systems and their capabilities, as well as the work specifically done in GOV task teams
  • Motivating integrated international community projects
    • We are planning to set up and run crosscutting projects (limited duration) to further advance science and end user collaborations in operational oceanography
  • Enhancing end-user awareness of present ocean prediction capacity
    • Inform science, industry, government, and the public about ocean forecasting capabilities and benefits
    • Encourage implementation of a global network of ocean prediction systems
  • Providing collaborative output for end-user engagement
    • Improving communication between science and user communities and opening up ways for better collaboration