The Ocean at your Fingertips

At the GODAE OceanView Symposium "OceanPredict '19" you can learn about the latest advances in operational oceanography, dive into the various science disciplines involved in producing ocean analyses and forecasts, and take part in discussions on the requirements for ocean forecasting products and services.

The digital Ocean

Ocean prediction systems depend critically on satellite and in-situ observations, which must be accessible and readily available for near-real time assimilation by GOV systems. Cooperation between research and operational groups is a key strategic element of GODAE OceanView.

Operation and services

Through its support of national ocean forecasting systems, GOV supports the delivery of reliable, timely, accessible and comprehensive ocean products to intermediate- and end-users.

Benefit of ocean products

Informing academics, industry, governments and society about ocean forecasting capabilities and benefits

Community effort

Investment in global, regional and coastal ocean forecasting systems to benefit society

Societal benefit

GOV is working towards the improvement of coastal water management, marine ecosystems, and the impact and mitigation of climate change

Industry and business

Ocean predictions have a wide range of benefits ranging from maritime safety and pollution forecasting, national security, oil & gas industry, fisheries management, marine environmental monitoring, weather forecasting, seasonal and climate prediction, ocean research and coastal and shelf-sea forecasting.

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Call for Abstracts is now closed

Registration is now open (17 Jan2019)

About OceanPredict ’19

Ocean scientists, ocean observation specialists, industry representatives, service providers and users of ocean data & products from across the local, national & international operational oceanography community will gather in Halifax for the GODAE OceanView Symposium, OceanPredict ‘19.

The event will present high-level speakers providing expert insight into the latest ocean research & development efforts, products and services and applications, and offers participants to engage in special science splinter meetings, poster sessions, booth exhibitions and discussions to explore and define the direction of future operational oceanography.


Our Partners & Sponsors

The Symposium is sponsored and support by MEOPAR, DFO and other member organisations of the GODAE OceanView Patrons Group